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CYA is committed to offering its players the highest quality program in the greater DC Metro area while at a competitive price. CYA strives to provide an affordable experience for all players. CYA is dedicated to transparency with estimated per player costs sent to each player with official CYA Travel invitations.  

Player fees are based on player team assignment, by color; Purple, Gold or Black/White.  The player participation fees below include coach, up to four tournaments - 2 per season, winter program, seasonal academy, administrative fees, etc.

Our goal this year is to simplify the financial management process for our players. Additionally, player fees will be paid online. Players will be receiving an online invitation which will allow the online player fee payments. 

2017-2018 Travel Player Fees

Age Group 

Birth Year 




U9 2009 $2000 $1800 $1600
U10 2008 $2000 $1800 $1600
U11 2007 $2000 $1800 $1600
U12 2006 $2000 $1800 $1600
U13 2005 $2000 $1800 $1600
U14 2004 $2000 $1800 $1600
U15 2003 $2000 $1800 $1600
U16 2002 $2000 $1800 $1600
U17 2001 $2000 $1800 $1600
U18 2000 $2000 $1800 $1600
U19 1999 $2000 $1800 $1600

Excluded from the player fee are the seasonal (Fall & Spring) CYA Registration Fee, player uniform kit and player travel as it relates to away competition.

Seasonal CYA Registration Fee

  • $175 per Player.  Registration is required Fall & Spring.
  • Non-Fairfax County Fee.  Players who reside outside Fairfax County, by zip code, have an additional $30 Fee.  This fee is paid directly to Fairfax County each season.
  • The Spring 2018 Late Fee of $25 will be added to the seasonal registration beginningSaturday, 03/10/2018 at 00:00.  New and transfer players will not be assessed the late fee.

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