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CYA Travel Soccer - Pricing


CYA is committed to offering its players the highest quality program in the greater DC Metro area while at a competitive price. CYA strives to provide an affordable experience for all players. CYA is dedicated to transparency with estimated per player costs sent to each player with official CYA Travel invitations. 

Player fees are based on player team assignment, by color; Purple or Gold – Black – White.

Taking into consideration feedback from our travel soccer community, we have restructured our Travel Fees to be similar to like clubs in the area where individual teams will now be responsible for tournaments, coach travel and non-CYA Travel events and activities rather than have those costs incorporated as they were in the 2017-2018 Travel Player fee.

All fees will be paid online via our registration system.  Club Fees can be paid in full or in various installments of 3, 5 or 8.  Requests for non-online payments will be handled on an individual basis and will be the exception, not the norm.

Team Designation

Club Fee



Gold – Black – White


Club Fees Include the following items:

· Fall & Spring – 3 Training Sessions per Week

· Fall & Spring – Weekly Goal Keeper Training

· Winter Program – U9 through U19

· Coaching of team tournaments (not tournament entry fees)

· Coach Compensation including all payroll taxes and processing

· League Membership and Fees


· Referee Fees

· Risk Management Background Check Fees

· Technical Staff Support (Program Director, Travel Directors, Coaching Education)

· Operations Staff Support (Travel Program Administrators, Finance)

· Club Administrative Support

· Financial Assistance Program Costs

· Coach Gear

· Team Training Gear

· Training Facilities – WOG, FieldHouse

· Club Marketing & Communication

· Meeting Room available to all teams

· Club Insurance

· TeamSnap (corporate account only, individual accounts not included)

Club Fees DO NOT Include the following items:

· Uniform Expenses: Families pay uniform costs directly to our vendor. Estimated cost for new players is $250.  Replacement and fill-in items are available for returning players.

· CYA Seasonal Registration Fee – Fall & Spring

· Tournament Registration Fees

o Will be divided by # players on team and applied to player’s Household for payment

· Coach Travel Reimbursement - costs that include Hotel, Meals & Fuel

o Guidelines for Planning:

§ Away Event > 100 miles from Chantilly 20151

· $175 max reimbursement per one-day away event with receipts

· $350 max reimbursement per two-day away event with receipts

o Will be divided per event by # of players on team and applied to player’s Household for payment

· Non-CYA Winter or Summer League/Futsal/Training

· Super Y League


Seasonal CYA Soccer Travel Registration Fee - Spring 2019

  • $185 per Player.  Registration is required Fall & Spring.
  • the Non-Fairfax County Fee.  Players who reside outside Fairfax County, by zip code, have an additional $30 Fee.  This fee is paid directly to Fairfax County each season.
  • The Spring 2018 Late Fee I of $25 will be added to the seasonal registration beginning March 15 00:00, Late Fee II of $50 will be added to the seasonal registration beginning April 6 00:00.


Uniforms at SOCCER.COM