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Frequently Asked Questions


CYA Soccer receives many questions from our members and we have done our best to compile some of the more common questions/answers below. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please contact the appropriate Coordinator (Senior, Junior, Bantam, Travel or Referee). You will find a list of contacts under the "Contact" button on the CYA Soccer Home Page.

1) How do I find out about field closings?

CYA Soccer will announce all field closures via social media and e-mail distribution. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay completely up to date. You can find the links to our social pages on the top right corner of our page. You can also contact the Park Authority Hotline: 703-324-5264. Finally, send a note to your coach if you don’t hear from him/her directly.

2) Who determines field closures?

Fairfax County determines field closures based on weather conditions such as snow/ice, and CYA Soccer will make a call based on weather conditions as well. You can also contact your coach directly if you cannot find info on Facebook or Twitter. Fields are closed because of inclement weather or sometimes, even on sunny days when the fields are saturated. CYA has no control over county field closings yet these closures must be adhered to.

3) Can my child play up in age group?

Yes, players born in August and September have the option to ’play up’ in the next older age group so that they can be placed on the same team as their school mates. If you want to do that be sure to check the ’request to play up’ option when you register. If you wish to have your child play up permanently, please email your request to so it can be done permanently in the system. If you forgot to do that when you registered, you can go back into the system and amend your registration information. Note you cannot elect to ’play down’ in a younger age group.

4) How many kids play on each team?

U4-U5 plays 2v2 (no goalkeepers). U6 plays 3v3 (no goalkeepers). U7 - U8 plays 4v4 (no goalkeepers). U9 - U10 plays 7v7 with goalkeepers. U11 - U12 play 8v8 and U13 - U19 play 11v11. Small sided play has been mandated by Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) and strongly supported by CYA Soccer.

5) How do I become a referee?

CYA has one of the largest referee cadre’s in the state of Virginia! We encourage people aged 13 and older to join the program. You can obtain all of the information by contacting Alan Liotta at

6) How can I help?

We are glad you asked! The success of the CYA Soccer Program depends on our volunteers. CYA is loaded with folks who graciously provided many hours to the community by coaching, coordinating, working on fields and the list goes on. With all there is to do, we always need additional help so please get involved today! Let’s all work to ensure that our children have a safe and positive experience in CYA Soccer. For more information on volunteering, contact the Soccer Administrator at

7) How do I get information about Coaching License Courses?

For the D, E, & F licenses and the Youth Coaching Modules contact VYSA at CYA often sponsors courses for these licenses. For A, B, & C licenses and National Youth Licenses, please contact US Soccer at or 312.808.1300 and ask for the Coaching Department.

8) Can I request a specific coach or team?

CYA Soccer tries to accommodate requests for team assignments however it is simply not always possible - in particular if you sign up after the coordinators start putting the teams together your request is unlikely to be met. If you have a specific request to be with friends or a particular coach, please add it to the ’special requests’ section of the registration form when you register your player. At the start of each season, the coordinators are encouraged to redistribute the players returning from previous seasons. This gives the players the opportunity to experience different coaching styles and to allow them to play with new teammates and make new friends. To the greatest extent possible, teams are formed geographically around the residence of volunteer coaches, taking into account players’ neighborhoods and school boundaries, but there should be no expectation that players will be with the same coach or team in consecutive seasons.

9) What about Jewelry?

No jewelry of any kind will be worn by players. Necklaces can be grabbed and cause injuries, rings can get caught on uniforms or scratch faces, earring posts can be pushed into heads if struck by a ball EVEN when covered by tape. Your player’s safety is our utmost priority and these rules will be strictly enforced by CYA coaches - players wearing earrings must remove them for games or practice. This includes starter earrings.

10) Can my child wear eyeglasses or casts or religious jewelry?

Glasses for corrective vision may be worn provided they are properly secured. Casts are allowed provided that these are wrapped in a plastic bubble protector or other similar type of covering that offers protection, and under the condition that the player shall not use the cast in any manner that would endanger the safety of the players on the field. Referee’s will determine if the cast has been covered appropriately and will determine if a player will be allowed to play in a game on a case by case basis. In these cases, the referee’s decision is final. The Referee permits medical bracelets or jewelry of a clearly religious nature provided they are not deemed dangerous or pose any danger to the players on the field. If approved, these items shall be taped down. Clear tape provides the most visibility for medical bracelets. All other jewelry is not allowed.

11) When will we hear from the coach?

Age group coordinators start putting the teams together after the late registration period starts and typically the rosters are released to the coaches approximately 2 weeks before the season starts (Fall season starts in early September and Spring season starts in early April). Please do not e-mail/call before then as we will be unable to tell you who your child’s coach is until the rosters are finalized. You can determine your child’s coach by logging into the registration system using your personal information and clicking on the team name (if there is one) beside her name, but note that this is subject to change any time before the rosters are released to the coaches, and don’t worry of there’s no team name there yet - it simply means that the coordinator has not finished building teams.

12) How are the age groups set up?

Age groups are based upon the child’s birth date and Virginia Youth Soccer Association age guidelines. The major groupings are Bantams (ages 4-7), Junior (8-10) and Senior divisions (11 -19).

13) What is Travel Soccer?

Travel Soccer is a more competitive level of play. If you are interested in learning more about Travel Soccer, please contact the CYA Soccer Administrator at whom you will find on the CYA Soccer Contact’s list. Travel soccer starts at U9. Pre-Travel soccer starts at U7-U8.

14) How do I communicate with CYA Soccer regarding a behavior issue for Coach, Player, Referee or Parents?

Contact CYA Soccer. CYA Soccer has a zero-tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct.

15) When are practice times and how many days per week?

Bantam U4-U5 only practice & play on Saturdays. U6 & U7 practice once a week; and all others practice twice a week. Due to the number of kids we have in the program, we typically start practices at 4:30 and end at dark. Your child’s practice session will fall in that time frame during the week. The coach determines the day, time and location within the constraints of what is available.

16) Does my child need experience to play?

No experience is necessary in our recreational program.

17) Are CYA Coaches "professional" coaches?

Our recreational coaches are usually parent volunteers some of which have coaching licenses or certificates and participate in a pre and mid-season coaching seminar with our professional coaching staff. Each coach is encouraged to complete a licensing program prior to coaching. This training provides them with the tools they need to develop and coach the players on the team. CYA will reimburse our volunteer coaches for the cost of coaching license classes. Contact for more information. CYA Soccer also has professional staff coaches to provide assistance and training to both coaches and players. If you are interested in coaching, contact the division coordinator for the desired age group or

18) Who referee’s the games?

Trained and certified referees referee all of our U8 and up age groups. Coaches/Parent volunteers facilitate the games for the U4-U7 age groups.

19) Are scholarships available?

Need based scholarships are available to those that qualify. Complete the Scholarship Request form and mail to CYA, P.O. Box 220242, Chantilly, VA 20153. To obtain all scholarship information, please send an email to the CYA Administrator at

20) Can I get a Refund?

REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Exceptions to this policy - and the amount to be refunded, if any - may be made at the discretion of the Sport Coordinator on a case-by-case basis for reasons such as injury (prior to season start), moving out of the area, ineligibility due to boundary limitations, or being accepted onto a high school team. Registration fees are refundable if CYA does not field a team or sport.

21) What is the Suburban Friendship League (SFL)?

The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) is a recreational soccer league that includes teams from throughout the Northern Virginia area and DC and Maryland. The SFL season is 8 games and an end-of-season tournament, weather permitting. Only teams in the CYA Senior Program (U11 - U19) play in SFL.

22) What are the Field Sizes?

Field sizes vary by age group. The U.S. Youth Soccer Association recommends the following: For U4-5/6/7: 20x30 yds.; U8/9: 30x50 yds.; U10 50x70 yds.; U11-U19: play 100x50 up to 120x80 yds.

23) When and Where are games played?

All bantam and junior games are played in the Chantilly area, typically at local Middle and Elementary schools and parks. Most house league games are on Saturdays, but the game times will vary from week to week (typically first game kicks-off about 8:30 am and the final game is over before 5pm). For Senior players, games are not only at home, but also around the Northern Virginia area up to an hour away. At times Sunday games may be scheduled due to field availability, make-up games, and level of participation.

24) What equipment do I need to buy?

All CYA Soccer Players MUST wear shinguards. We strongly recommend cleats. Local sports stores sell shin-guards in sizes that will fit players from the youngest ages up. Remember that everyone will be trying to buy new equipment for the start of the season so shop early! Shin-guards MUST be worn under your player’s socks, not on top (where they can come loose and become a tripping hazard for themselves and other players).

25) What size ball should I buy?

U4 – U8 Size 3, U9 – U12 Size 4 and U13 and up Size 5.

26) Does the registration fee include a uniform?

All CYA Soccer Players are required to purchase their own uniform via the selected vendor. It is NOT included in the registration fees effective the Fall 2014. The complete uniform kit is comprised of a Jersey, Shorts and Socks. Your child MUST wear shin guards and have appropriate footwear (cleats are recommended).